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Armored Car Rent
Armored Car Rent
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Diplomat Armored Rentals - Afghanistan
Diplomat Armored Rentals (DAR) has a large fleet of armored vehicles available for rent in Afghanistan. All of our armored vehicles for rent in Afghanistan have license plates and MOD permits. We can also acquire "A passes" for our clients 

DAR is a Veteran Owned (VOB) Small business.We value our customers and work to ensure that all of our vehicles are in top working condition and provide the maximum amount of armor protection to our clients.

Diplomat Armored Rentals provides turn key solutions for our clients in Afghanistan. We have a vehicle maintenance and repair facility in Kabul. Also have an optional maintenance program that provides full standard and armoring maintenance. We provide long-term lease clients with 24 hour vehicle towing and emergency response recovery services. Our vehicles also include a GPS Fleet Tracking with Emergency Transponders.

  • US State Department B6 Class "C" Armored Protection
  • B7 Armored Vehicles Available
  • Advanced I.E.D. Protection
  • License Plates & MOI Stickers included
  • Long & Short Term Leases Available
  • Large Selection of Armored Toyota Land Cruisers
  • Maintenance Plans Available
  • ​24 Hour Emergency Response & Towing
  • Replacement Vehicles Provided During Maintenance
  • Services available in Kabul & Kandahar
  • "A" Passes available
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Diplomat Armored Rentals Qualifies as a:
Veteran Owned Business (V.O.B.
Minority Owned Business Enterprise (MBE)
Long-Term Lease Specials available on armored Toyota Land Cruisers in Kabul and Kandahar Afghanistan. 

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Cage:7ACQ3   NAICS:532112
Toyota Land Cruisers with License Plates & MOI Permits
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Armored Vehicles for Rent in Afghanistan WAVES Link
Armored Vehicles for Rent in Afghanistan WAVES Link
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