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Armored Car Rent
Armored Car Rent
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Armored Vehicles Available for Syria
At Diplomat Armored Rentals we have armored vehicles available for rent, lease and for sale to diplomatic missions, international delegations, humanitarian aid groups and media organizations that are traveling to Syria and working along the border regions.

We have armored vehicles available that are registered in Turkey and Jordan available for immediate deployment to Syria.  

2012 B6 Armored Toyota Land Cruiser GXR
Brand New, B6 Armored, V8 Turbo Diesel 
Several Available for Immediate Delivery
from Turkey or Jordan. 
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Armored Cars for Rent       Armored Cars for Rent        Armored Car Hire
Reserve A Vehicle Today:
1-888-480-0454 (Toll Free)
Operators Available 24 Hours

2012 B6 Armored BMW X6 Available
 for Rent in Turkey & Syria
Registered in Turkey
2010 B6 Armored Lincoln Navigator
 for Rent in Turkey & Syria
Registered in Turkey
The following Light Armored Vehicles are currently located in Turkey and Jordan. 
They are available for delivery into Syria on short notice. 
Air or Ground Transportation Delivery Options available.
Reserve A Vehicle Today:
1-888-480-0454 (Toll Free)
Operators Available 24 Hours

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View Our Turkey Page for More:
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Emergency Air Fright Services available throughout the Middle East
Fixed Wing and Rotary Heavy Lift Aircraft Available
Rapid Response Delivery
At Diplomat Armored Rentals, we provide custom tailored security solutions for embassies and consulate offices that need access to armored vehicles for short periods of time.

Our services are ideal for visiting dignitaries on official visits and delegations attending international conferences.

Contact Us Today for a List of Recent
Embassy Past Performance References!

Sell your armored car with us
  • Daily Armored Luxury Car Hire(Flat Rate)
  • Daily, Weekly and Monthly Rentals
  • Vehicle Rental (Client Driven)*
  • Secure Airport Transfers for visiting VIPs
  • Diplomatic Security Staff Armored Vehicles
  • Convoy/Motorcade Security
  • Armed Diplomatic Protection Personnel
  • Embassy/Diplomatic Lease Program
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Who's eligible for the Embassy Services programs?
Embassies & Consulates
(Permanent representations, missions and delegations)

United Nations
(Main org, UNESCO, IBRD, World Bank etc.)

European Union
(Council, Commission, Parliament, institutions, agencies etc.)

International organisations
(NATO, OECD, EIB etc.)